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Specialist Wipes & Hygiene Product Development

About Us

Assist Hygiene is a UK based manufacturer of hygiene products; primarily specialising in the design, development and production of wet and dry wipes for industry.

About Us

No other hygiene product manufacturer can offer a package like Assist Hygiene—but what makes us different?

Realistic MOQs

Assist Hygiene can produce bespoke products without the crippling numbers associated with other manufacturers.

In-house Design & Print

We've cut out the middle-man so you can work directly with our designers and product developers.

Key Strategic Partners

We work closely with our UK based partners to provide unique materials, fluids and packaging for you.


Manufactured 100% own brand with no mention of Assist Hygiene on your products.

25 Years Experience

in the Wipes and Hygiene Industry

Our Products

Assist Hygiene specialises in wipes—in any size, shape and format you require. We also provide bespoke filling services for containers, sprays, foamers and dispenser refills. Assist also provides an extensive range of specialist materials for use across industry.

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Take advantage of our production skills and capabilities to allow your business to focus on its core competencies. Utilise our supplier relationships and efficient manufacture methods to save your company considerable time, space and unnecessary cost.


Assist Hygiene manufactures for some of the biggest names in the hygiene industry. In doing so we have been able to streamline each individual process to best suit the customer’s requirements. We are able to use our experience to set up an efficient process that fits in with your specific demands.


With dedicated wipes production lines and bottle filling stations, Assist is able to pack a variety of different products. If you have a fluid you required filling, be it a cream, gel or foam, Assist can tweak the production procedure to suit your particular product needs.


We give each contract pack job its own unique production code and the finished products have batch numbers so you can trace any finished products back to its components, production time and agreed specification.


Assist Hygiene aims to turn your order around within 10 days. We provide nationwide delivery by experienced and reliable couriers and can arrange for direct export and provide all necessary export documentation if required.


The Made in Britain Campaign supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products. Visit to find out more about their project.


Assist Hygiene is an approved supplier through leading provider of supplier risk management services Achilles. They help deliver commercial benefits, business intelligence and confidence to both buyers and suppliers.


Assist Hygiene is a CHAS accredited contractor—a visible and credible leader in Health and Safety management. You can rest assured knowing that your products have been made in a safe and professional environment which puts people's wellbeing first.

Designed for Everyone

Our in house design team help you bring your ideas and your products to life. We work with our clients to hone every crucial detail to make your products stand out from the crowd.

devices image

Grimex Wipes

The Market Leading Hand and Surface Wipes From a/ex | Hygiene Control

Desk Tidy

Office Hygiene Wipes

Caddies Pro Golf Wipes

Clean Your Equipment. Clean Up Your Game.

Screamin Gleamin

Motorcycle Wipes

Protex Blue

Progressive Food Hygiene
From a/ex | Hygiene Control

Salon Assist

Salon Hygiene Wipes

4 Simple Steps

Develop and build your products with Assist Hygiene in just four simple steps. Our in-house design department works directly with you.

  • Contact Design Prototype Delivery

    Contact us via our website, send an email or simply pick up the phone and let's get started.

    We love to hear from new people and to talk about your exciting ideas. Every one of our team at Assist is an enthusiast about wipes—we like normal stuff too!—and we are always ready to get on board with the next big idea.

    Don't sit on that product idea or wonder where to start in the development process; get in touch and we can share our expertise to help guide you along the way.

  • Contact Design Prototype Delivery

    Design is the key to making your product stand out from the competition.

    Whether you have a scribble on your note pad or a fully fledged and well established brand we can accomodate your designs into our process.

    We tailor every aspect of your product—the wipe material, the fluid, the packaging and the branding. Not only that, but we will help build your marketing campaign and provide ongoing design support as part of the package.

  • Contact Design Prototype Delivery

    Have a customised and fully functional product in your hand within 48 hours.

    We aim to turn your enquiry into a reality with 2 days. We hold stocks of components to suit almost all wipe applications and with specialist inhouse print equipment we can provide fully printed prototypes for you or your customer.

    We pride ourselves on being able to provide real-life, working prototypes and not just mockups and visuals. It is all well and good it looking pretty, but we know the key is that it works.

  • Contact Design Prototype Delivery

    Your designs are complete and the prototype is a success; when you’re happy, we’re happy.

    We aim to have your fully customised hygiene products delivered within ten days of placing your first order, so you can begin targeting your customers with your new products. No other wipes manufacturer can boast such a fast and effective turnaround.

    Contact us today to set your hygiene product project in motion.

Key Industries

The sectors Assist Hygiene supplies are too numerous to list exhaustively, but we have highlighted some exciting and progressive areas below where wipes have become a staple part of the every day working environment.

13 Apr

DECOM - Wipes are essential in the fast growing decommissioning sector.

Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Offshore Wind decommission projects provide enormous scope for wipes supply. Protecting people from contamination in these often isolated and remote working environments is paramount to any successful decom process.

13 Apr

RESTAURANTS & BARS move over to wipes for a cleaner future.

Food outlets are currently in transition from the dated and extremely flawed trigger spray and cloth method of cleaning. Instead they are opting for wipes for both front-of-house and kitchen environments. Assist Hygiene are heavily involved in this movement with a number of key partners.

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We are always ready to help you out regarding all your enquiries. Send us a message via email or you can call us using the details below—we look forward to hearing from you.

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